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Join us on a Himalayan motorcycle adventure

We love motorcycling in the Himalaya and are passionate about giving you the adventure of your life. For the Wow team, there is no better adventure than experiencing at first hand the spectacular views of snow-capped peaks, the warm hospitality of the locals and the fantastic food and culture of the region while negotiating some of the toughest, twistiest and highest roads on the planet.

Riding in the Himalaya can be tough, and you'll need to have a full motorbike licence before joining one of our tours. However, years of experience aren't as important as a spirit of adventure, mental toughness and courage.

You don't need to worry about getting lost or mechanical breakdown as our expert guides lead the way and the support car and mechanic are never far behind.

You won't be racing round these mountain roads, you'll be taking it fairly steady as you lean your classic 500cc Royal Enfield into another hairpin, enjoying the mind-boggling views and keeping your eyes open for the next big truck that could be round the corner. In the Himalaya, excitement is a constant companion.

You have one life to ride, so ride it well and join us on the adventure of a life-time riding on top of the world. You'll be pinching yourself through your leathers to make sure you're not dreaming and we hope you'll be back for more.

Check out the slide show for a glimpse at the scenery, people and roads you'll see on our tours. Then browse the FAQ for more information.

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